Our Services

Head Hunting and Recruiting

Our Headhunting process is structured in such a way as to ensure efficient action and a customized result based on individual needs.

  • Search and Selection of professionals at all levels
  • • Direct research and use of cutting-edge technologies to offer the Customer a fast, accurate and complete service
  • Interviews
  • • Development of research teams for medium- and long-term activities
  • Use of a constantly updated database of about 80,000 names
  • Confidentiality and attention in contacts

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Our coaching courses - individual, group and shadow coaching - are an effective tool in a variety of situations in the personal and/or professional sphere. This process is aimed at supporting the development of a person's characteristics or potential.

The advantages are felt by both the individual and the organization: it is a method through which it is possible to learn how to better manage conflict and change, and fine-tune ways of responding to situations in the role covered or to be covered.



Our assessment projects differ according to clients’ goals. They are useful tools in the selection process, for evaluating potential or drawing up development plans.

The final goal determines the methodology and tools to be used.

The survey takes the form of ad hoc questionnaires and/or interviews aimed at providing a picture of the situation being analyzed.

Their use always responds to the need for a detailed picture of a situation or opinion within the company on issues such as the climate, level of motivation, sense of belonging, propensity to react to stressful situations, etc.

The result is a “snapshot” of the situation under investigation, making it possible to plan for and/or handle crisis situations and change management projects, plan training and development initiatives or even extraordinary business operations.