Head Hunting and Recruiting

Understanding needs, gaining a knowledge of structures, constant updating and sharing of information: this is what our activity is based on, allowing us to establish profitable and constructive collaboration with clients and candidates.

The direct research approach, supported by the use of advanced information systems, allow us to manage and update our database of over 80,000 names and to satisfy our customers in a timely and effective way, always preserving what for us are fundamental principles: confidentiality, fairness, no touch policy and respect for privacy.

Strong determination, and the awareness that an optimal solution always exists, leads us to systematically pursue a common goal without giving up and within the agreed time frame.

Project Phases


Meeting with the client company to fully understand its needs, organizational model and contents of the position to be filled


Defining the candidate profile to be shared with the client together with all the information useful for creating an MtoM project and presenting the operational proposal.


Market study, definition of the reference target, presentation of innovative solutions


Execution of the assignment through direct research or another method agreed with the client, selection of candidates and checking they match the defined profile

Short List

Presentation to the Company of a shortlist of candidates, accompanied by a report containing personal and professional data, supplemented by information on the companies of origin, their organizational set-ups and an individual evaluation profile

Salary Package

Support to the company with final interviews, choice of candidate and, if required, definition of employment contract

Follow Up

Follow up for the company and the candidate in post-recruitment phases