Since 1996, as in an Atelier, we have been tailoring services to the needs of each customer.

MB Research works with a team of consultants, experts in their field, and is a strategic partner for its clients, offering research and selection services for qualified personnel, surveys and coaching.

Through the understanding of customer needs and the knowledge of the market developed over the years, we can offer a tailor-made service that meets the specific needs of our interlocutors.

Our Story


MB Research was created with the aim of providing fashion and luxury companies with a fast search and selection service, built on the customer's needs. It acts as a strategic partner with the aim of hiring figures as calibrated as possible for each individual reality.

New Sectors

Over time we have differentiated our offer and expanded it to other sectors through collaborations with professionals that have allowed us to further develop our know-how.

Structure Enhancement

The change of location allows us to expand our structure through the inclusion of new consultants and collaborators.


The study and application of this methodology allows us to be the right "coach" of resources that want or need to improve personal areas.

New Services

In order to meet our clients' requirements we have included survey and assessment services

New Software

A flexible, efficient, rapid and precise service: this is what we have been striving to offer our clients for years. Now a new management software, based on the Cloud, custom designed and built for us, allows us to be even more efficient, flexible, interconnected and fast. It has also given us the opportunity to digitize our entire paper archive, becoming a better friend of the environment by substantially reducing the need for printed paper.

Flexibility and Connection

We have chosen to treat the current crisis, a time of great uncertainty, as an opportunity, investing in new means of collaboration that will allow us to shorten the distance between us and our clients and operate everywhere, while maintaining the high standards of service. This year we will be able to offer our clients new online services with interesting monitoring and interaction functions.

Reserved Area

We have activated the new "Reserved Area", a web space that will offer our customers a timely summary of useful information and a constant update on the progress of research. The customer will be able to constantly monitor activities.